Our Mission

  • Empowering Woman
  • Building Connection
  • Creating Opportunities

Our Founder

Christine Looi

Meet Christine Looi, a divorcee with 3 kids, retrenched from a high paying job, who then faced financial instability and eventually lost of hope.

With a proper mindset, accepting help, and acknowledging that change needs to be done to move on with life, she overcame her problems.
Since then, Christine has been inspired to create a community to help support and empower women to grow not just physically but emotionally. And has then also become a strong advocate in the parenting and charity community. 

NRSC can help women to have financial freedom through their platform. Empowering women, creating opportunities, and building connection is the main mission Christine wants to develop in this community.
 Her key strength is having the desire to be successful in achieving targets and goals. She is someone who believes in working hard and smart to achieve what she wants. This has led her to be disciplined and staying committed to the things that she does. 
On top of that, her beliefs are that multi-tasking and being passionate in what she is doing is the key to success, as well as lifting others to be positive and giving back to the society.

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